Alexandre Gabarra Oliveira

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Parkinsonia aculeata L. (Caesalpiniaceae) is a traditional ethnomedicine and has been used for the empiric treatment of hyperglycemia, without scientific background. Mechanistic analyses at molecular level from the antioxidant mechanism observed by P. aculeata are required. Herein the effects of the treatment by hydroethanolic extract partitioned with ethyl(More)
Topical formulations of piroxicam were evaluated by determination of their in vitro release and in vivo anti-inflammatory effect. The in vitro release assay demonstrated that the microemulsion (ME) systems provided a reservoir effect for piroxicam release. However, the incorporation of the ME into carboxyvinilic gel provoked a greater reduction in the(More)
Liposomes of soya phosphatidylcholine, cholesterol, and stearylamine (molar ratio 6/3/1) and 0.1% alpha-tocopherol were prepared by the extrusion of multilamellar vesicles through 0.2-micron polycarbonate membrane. Liposomes were characterized by electron transmission microscopy, and the mean structure diameter was 278 nm. The encapsulation efficiency(More)
In this work the effect of the encapsulation of diclofenac sodium within liposomes on the reduction of the myotoxicity after intramuscular administration in rats was studied. Diclofenac sodium was encapsulated in small unilamellar liposomes obtained from phosphatidylcholine, cholesterol, and alpha-tocopherol (40:10:0.04 mM), and administered by(More)
AIMS The search for natural agents that minimize obesity-associated disorders is receiving special attention. In this regard, the present study aimed to evaluate the prophylactic effect of Chlorella vulgaris (CV) on body weight, lipid profile, blood glucose and insulin signaling in liver, skeletal muscle and adipose tissue of diet-induced obese mice. MAIN(More)
The interaction of piroxicam with beta-cyclodextrin (beta-CD), hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide-based microemulsion (ME), and ME in the presence of beta-CD aimed at the optimization of topical drug delivery was studied. UV-VIS absorption spectra at pH 5.5 were obtained with and without beta-CD and ME. The stability constant (K) values for the(More)
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