Alexandre F da Fonseca

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165 hypertensive patients attending one general practice in Portugal were found to report significantly higher scores on measures of neuroticism, anxiety, depression and general psychological distress than 152 normotensive patients at the same practice. Hypertensive patients with evidence of organ damage exhibited significantly higher depression scores than(More)
OBJECTIVE AND STUDY DESIGN We report for the first time an inhibitory effect on cell division and germ tube formation by Candida albicans and strains of other Candida species by putrescine and cadaverine. RESULTS Both bacterial amines showed a dose-dependent inhibition of germ tube formation by C albicans, as well as budding (inhibition of cell division)(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to develop a reproducible method of establishing the concentration of yeast cells per milliliter of solution. METHODS Three methods of determining the number of yeast cells in solution were compared: Neubauer's counting chamber, spectrophotometry, and nephelometry. RESULTS All three methods were comparable and(More)
Helical amorphous nanosprings have attracted particular interest due to their special mechanical properties. In this work we present a simple model, within the framework of the Kirchhoff rod model, for investigating the structural properties of nanosprings having asymmetric cross section. We have derived expressions that can be used to obtain the Young's(More)
Nanostructures (nanotubes, nanowires, etc.) have been the object of intense theoretical and experimental investigations in recent years. Among these structures, helical nanosprings or nanocoils have attracted particular interest due to their special mechanical properties. In this work, we investigated structural properties of nanosprings in the Kirchhoff(More)