Alexandre F. Caldeira

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We develop a Coulomb gas formalism for boundary conformal field theory having a W symmetry and illustrate its operation using the three state Potts model. We find that there are free-field representations for six W conserving boundary states, which yield the fixed and mixed physical boundary conditions, and two W violating boundary states which yield the(More)
We study the boundary states of (p′, p) rational conformal field theories having a W symmetry of the type Ar using the multi-component free-field formalism. The classification of primary fields for these models given in the literature is shown to be incomplete; we give the correct classification by demanding modular covariance and show that the resulting(More)
Natural oxidation is an undesirable process suffered by gel dosimetry systems as it changes the values and spatial distribution of absorbed doses. Natural oxidation of Fricke xylenol gel (FXG) dosimeter was inferred from optical absorbance values measured for the first time using the photoacoustic technique. An acoustic detector measures the intensity of(More)
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