Alexandre Darré

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The main French porcine artificial insemination centre recently decided to carry out a systematic chromosomal evaluation of the animals used for pure-breeding purposes. This practice has allowed the identification of a new pericentric inversion affecting chromosome 4, in four Large White boars originating from four different herds. The cytogenetic(More)
Nine pigs with decreased litter size or sired by boars with decreased litter size were found to be reciprocal translocation carriers. Four Large White animals (two females and two males) demonstrated translocations involving chromosomes 1 and 9 (1p-;9p+), 11 and 13 (11q+;13q-), 3 and 13 (3;13)(p1.5;q3.1), and 15 and 17 (15;17)(q1.3;q2.1). Two Large White x(More)
We report one fatal case of asphyxia caused by leaves of common ivy. Macroscopic examination of the corpse during the autopsy disclosed an incredible quantity of leaves of Hedera helix in the mouth and throat of the decedent. In order to rule out the possibility of poisoning by the toxic saponins contained in the plant, we have developed an efficient(More)
Four new chromosomal rearrangements are reported in the domestic pig: 3 reciprocal translocations, rcp(4;12)(p13;q13) in a crossbred boar, rcp(1;7)(q17;q26) in a Large White purebred boar, rcp(1;6)(q17;q35) in a purebred synthetic paternal line boar, and a pericentric inversion inv(2)(p13q11) in a crossbred boar. The 1/7 reciprocal translocation and the(More)
Résumé Une nouvelle translocation robertsonienne dans la race Prim’Holstein. Une nouvelle translocation robertsonienne a été mise en évidence chez une vache de race Holstein. La coloration en bandes GTG nous a permis d’identifier les chromosomes impliqués dans la translocation. Il s’agit des chromosomes 19 et 21. La coloration en bandes CBG montre que le(More)
Five new cases of reciprocal translocation in the domestic pig are described. Three of them, rep(3;5)(p1.3;q2.3), rep(6;13)(p1.5;q4.1) and rep(13;17)(q4.1;q1.1) were found in boars with decreased litter size. The remaining two were identified in animals karyotyped before reproduction: a young boar, rep(4;6)(q2.1;q2.8), and a gilt, rep(2;14)(q1.3;q2.7). A(More)
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