Alexandre Chureau

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Developing a functional prototype of a system-on-chip provides a unifying vehicle for model validation and system refinement. Keeping the prototype executable across several abstraction levels, clock domains and design tools is a key requirement to effective prototyping. This paper presents how model-level transactors address design heterogeneity by(More)
While the IC industry tries to harness system-on-chip complexity by reusing intellectual property modules, practical problems abound, reusing within tight hardware constraints is a design journey that may cost more than building from scratch. Platforms using pre-characterized interfaces gained acceptance as a paradigm that increases reuse predictability. In(More)
The design of multiprocessor systems-on-chip (MPSoC) involves many abstraction levels and executable models, from specification to implementation. The usage of a design representation that remains homogeneous along the design flow is a key element of design automation. Although many standard languages exists, their computer representation is not defined or(More)
Current electronic systems’ complexity severely limits their validation. Even if development frameworks keep improving and are heavily supported by the industry, methods for hardware/software electronic systems co-design are reaching a major crisis. Although the community is heading towards higher abstraction levels, requirements remain out of the(More)
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