Alexandre Carbon

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The Balb/c strain and the C57BL/6 strain show constitutive differences for tyrosine hydroxylase expression, and noradrenaline (NA) prefrontal transmission. Male mice of these strains also show striking differences in social interaction behaviors, with an increased aggressiveness for the Balb/c strain. To test a potential link between these neurobiological(More)
The current trend in embedded systems is to make them surrounding the users, providing services thanks to a knowledge of their environment. These self-awareness and context-awareness properties are provided by numerous sensors, from different types. Using the provided information causes at least two problems: the fusion of data from different sources, and(More)
A lot of work is spent on low-level optimization for regular computations; from instruction scheduling and cache-aware design to intensive use of SIMD instructions. Meanwhile, irregular applications, especially pointer intensive ones, are often only optimized at algorithm or compilation levels, since not so much hardware or dedicated instructions are(More)
The development of cloud computing services is restrained by privacy concerns. Centralized medical services for instance, require a guarantee of confidentiality when using outsourced computation platforms. Fully Homomorphic Encryption is an intuitive solution to address such issue, but until 2009, existing schemes were only able to evaluate a reduced number(More)
Neuro-Inspired Vision approach, based on models from biology, allows to reduce the computational complexity. One of these models - The Hmax model - shows that the recognition of an object in the visual cortex mobilizes V1, V2 and V4 areas. From the computational point of view, V1 corresponds to the area of the directional filters (for example Gabor filters(More)
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