Alexandre Caboussat

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— In this article, we address the numerical solution of a non-smooth eigenvalue problem, which has implications in plasticity theory and image processing. The smallest eigenvalue of the non-smooth operator under consideration is shown to be the same for all bounded, sufficiently smooth, domains in two space dimensions. Piecewise linear finite elements are(More)
A numerical model for the three-dimensional simulation of liquid-gas flows with free surfaces is presented. The incompressible Navier-Stokes equations are assumed to hold in the liquid domain. In the gas domain, the velocity is disregarded, the pressure is supposed to be constant in each connected component of the gas domain and follows the ideal gas law.(More)
Unprobì eme d'Optimisation liéà la Modélisation d'Aérosols Organiques. Abstract A mathematical model for the computation of the phase equilibrium related to atmospheric organic aerosols is proposed. The equilibrium is given by the minimum of the Gibbs free energy and is characterized using the notion of phase simplex of its convex hull. A primal-dual(More)
Free surface flows are of most interest in many engineering or mathematical problems and many methods have been developed for their numerical resolution in various fields of the physics or the engineering. In this work, the volume-of-fluid method is used for the numerical simulation of two-phase free surface flows involving an incompressible liquid and a(More)
A model that rigorously computes the gas-particle partitioning and liquid-liquid equilibrium for organic atmospheric aerosol particles is presented. The dynamics of the mass transfers between the particle and the gas phase are modeled with differential equations and are coupled with a constrained optimization problem for the thermo-dynamic equilibrium(More)
Mathematical and numerical aspects of free surface flows are investigated. On one hand, the mathematical analysis of some free surface flows is considered. A model problem in one space dimension is first investigated. The Burgers equation with diffusion has to be solved on a space interval with one free extremity. This extremity is unknown and moves in(More)
A numerical method for the computation of the best constant in a Sobolev inequality involving the spaces H 2 (Ω) and C 0 (Ω) is presented. Green's functions corresponding to the solution of Poisson problems are used to express the solution. This (kind of) non-smooth eigenvalue problem is then formulated as a constrained optimization problem and solved with(More)
A non-smooth constrained minimization problem arising in the stress analysis of a plastic body is considered. A numerical method for the computation of the load capacity ratio is presented to determine if the elastic body fractures under external traction. In the scalar case, the maximum principle allows one to reduce the problem to a convex one under(More)
A numerical method for the resolution of a system of ordinary differential equations coupled with a mixed constrained minimization problem is presented. This coupling induces discontinuities of some time-dependent variables when inequality constraints are activated or deactivated. The ordinary differential equations are discretized in time and combined with(More)