Alexandre C B V Parente

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This review covers the effect of drugs affecting anxiety using four psychological procedures for inducing experimental anxiety applied to healthy volunteers and patients with anxiety disorders. The first is aversive conditioning of the skin conductance responses to tones. The second is simulated public speaking, which consists of speaking in front of a(More)
Drug-free symptomatic panic patients, drug-treated nonsymptomatic patients and healthy controls were submitted to simulated public speaking. Subjective anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort measured by the visual analog mood scale as well as skin conductance level were higher in symptomatic patients than in controls at the beginning of the(More)
Anxiety and salivary cortisol were measured in subjects performing simulated public speaking (SPS), a procedure that has been neurobiologically related to panic disorder. The subjects were divided into three groups: 18 symptomatic panic patients, 16 nonsymptomatic, drug-treated panic patients, and 17 healthy controls. In the experimental session, subjective(More)
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