Alexandre Burnett

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Clinical audit is becoming an increasingly sophisticated process now practised by a majority of clinicians. A crucial tool enabling clinicians to improve their care, it involves structured review against agreed standards. Clinical audit is a key component of each of the elements of clinical effectiveness enabling health-care interventions to achieve what is(More)
Difficulties with doctor-patient communication continue to be recognized as a major barrier to effective patient care. A fundamental requirement for effective communication has been identified to be an understanding of the patient as an individual, yet most medical students are educationally and socially isolated from their patients and have difficulty in(More)
In this paper, we describe DocExplore, an integrated software suite centered on the handling of digitized documents with an emphasis on ancient manuscripts. This software suite allows the augmentation and exploration of ancient documents of cultural interest. Specialists can add textual and multimedia data and metadata to digitized documents through a(More)
In this paper, a generic framework for historical manuscript image and data processing, visualisation and analysis is introduced with a focus on the modelling of manuscript metadata underpinning the interaction. The goal of such a framework is to capture the requirements from three types of activities involving historical manuscripts: presentation,(More)
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