Alexandre Bovet

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Forecasting opinion trends from real-time social media is the long-standing goal of modern-day big-data analytics. Despite its importance, there has been no conclusive scientific evidence so far that social media activity can capture the opinion of the general population at large. Here we develop analytic tools combining statistical physics of complex(More)
The understanding of the transport of suprathermal ions in the presence of turbulence is important for fusion plasmas in the burning regime that will characterize reactors, and for space plasmas to understand the physics of particle acceleration. Here, three-dimensional measurements of a suprathermal ion beam in the toroidal plasma device TORPEX are(More)
TORPEX is a flexible device dedicated to investigating basic plasma physics phenomena of importance for fusion. It can feature a simple magnetized toroidal (SMT) configuration with a dominant toroidal magnetic field and a small vertical field component, or accommodate closed field-line configurations of increasing complexity. Among these are simple plasmas(More)
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