Alexandre Bouchacourt

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In this paper we present an original approach to model the user communication context and enable then context-aware communication services. The context is modeled through an ontology written in the W3C’s standard language OWL. Our ontology is enhanced into an active model by providing it a rule engine and a set of inference rules. To illustrate our(More)
This paper investigates the contribution of data mining techniques in order to optimize IP based real time services such as instant messaging or telephony over IP. The main difficulty is here to handle temporal constraints and to interpret the corresponding raw data into users' behaviour high level knowledge. As an example, we focus on IM and try to find a(More)
Nous avons pour objectif de trouver une méthode permettant de positionner ces conversations dans le temps. Le matériau sur lequel nous nous appuyons est un corpus IPDR (Internet Protocol Detail Record). Le format IPDR enregistre des traces d'activité au niveau session (le contenu des conversations texte ou voix n'est pas accessible). De nombreuses(More)
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