Alexandre Bellini

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This paper focuses on Web Services development presenting an approach that investigates the model-based software development towards Service-Oriented Architecture. This work explores software development based on Domain-Specific Modeling for building WSDL 2.0 meta-model. The Multiple Views CASE tool supports the development process of Web Services according(More)
Ubiquitous Computing has enabled seamless access to a wide variety of services and Internet-based applications anywhere, anytime, and using any device. These capacities along with the recent advances of wireless communication technologies allowed the development of the so-called location-based systems. However, building these systems can be a complex and(More)
An ambulance is the type of emergency vehicle that, in order, to accomplish its mission of transporting patients in critical condition to hospitals, they must run as fast as they can through a city streets' maze. Hence, it is necessary a real-time system that could obtain anytime ambulance location. Moreover, it should advice on the best routes based on(More)
The classical perceptron algorithm is an elementary row-action/relaxation algorithm for solving a homogeneous linear inequality system Ax > 0. A natural condition measure associated with this algorithm is the Euclidean width τ of the cone of feasible solutions, and the iteration complexity of the perceptron algorithm is bounded by 1/τ, see Rosenblatt 1962(More)
Real time implementation of wavelet transformations is becoming of great importance, since it is one of the key elements of JPEG2000 and MPEG4 encoding operations. This paper details a dedicated wavelet decomposition implementation for ADSP-BF533 and ADSP-BF561 fixed-point DSPs, and reports experimental results on several test images.
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