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Numerous methods are available for use as part of a virtual screening strategy but, as yet, no single method is able to guarantee both a level of confidence comparable to experimental screening and a level of computing efficiency that could drastically cut the costs of early phase drug discovery campaigns. Here, we present VSM-G (virtual screening manager(More)
A very simple, fast, and efficient scheme is proposed for performing preliminary protein-ligand docking as the first step of intensive high-throughput virtual screening. The procedure acts as a surface-complementarity filter that first calculates the 2D-contour maps of both the protein cavity and of the ligands using a spherical harmonics description of the(More)
SHEF (spherical harmonic coefficient filter), a geometrical matching procedure constituting a preliminary step in the virtual high throughput screening of large databases of small drug-like molecules, is demonstrated. This filter uses a description of both the binding site of the target and the ligand surfaces using spherical harmonic polynomial expansions.(More)
Ligand induced fit phenomenon occurring at the ligand binding domain of the liver X receptor beta (LXRbeta) was investigated by means of molecular dynamics. Reliability of a 4-ns trajectory was tested from two distinct LXRbeta crystal complexes 1PQ6B/GW and 1PQ9B/T09 characterized by an open and a closed state of the pocket, respectively. Crossed complexes(More)
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