Alexandre Ardelea

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Resonance regions similar to the Arnol'd tongues found in single oscillator frequency locking are observed in experiments using a spatially extended periodically forced Belousov-Zhabotinsky system. We identify six distinct 2:1 subharmonic resonant patterns and describe them in terms of the position-dependent phase and magnitude of the oscillations. Some(More)
Progress in semiconductor process technology has made SOItransistors one of the most promising candidates for high performanceand low power designs. With smaller diffusion capacitances,SOI transistors switch significantly faster than theirtraditional bulk MOS counterparts and consume less power perswitching. However, design and simulation of SOI MOS(More)
Several issues in mathematical modeling and numerical simulation for the time dependent Ginzburg-Landau equations are investigated. A key point of this study is the influence of the mesh for the spatial discretization on the simulation results. In particular, we demonstrate that a fine mesh resolution in space is necessary, and that an inadequate mesh(More)
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