Alexandra Zinck

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The aim of this paper is to propose a systematic classification of emotions which can also characterize their nature. The first challenge we address is the submission of clear criteria for a theory of emotions that determinewhichmental phenomena are emotions and which are not. We suggest that emotions as a subclass of mental states are determined by their(More)
Defending first-person introspective access to own mental states, we argue against Carruthers’ claim of mindreading being prior to meta-cognition and for a fundamental difference between how we understand our own and others’ mental states. We conclude that a model based on one mechanism but involving two different kinds of access for self and other is(More)
The aim of this paper is to examine a special subgroup of emotion: self-referential emotions such as shame, pride and guilt. Self-referential emotions are usually conceptualized as (i) essentially involving the subject herself and as (ii) having complex conditions such as the capacity to represent others' thoughts. I will show that rather than depending on(More)
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