Alexandra Yarrow

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An outbreak of 15 cases of paralytic poliomyelitis caused by type 1 poliovirus between July and October, 1988, prompted mass vaccination of the whole Israeli population under the age of 40 years. The focus of the outbreak (12 cases) was the Hadera subdistrict, one of two subdistricts where enhanced inactivated poliovaccine (eIPV) had been the only(More)
This paper examines the concept and scope of surveillance in relation to health and disease with special reference to infectious disease in Israel. The methodology of surveillance is reviewed with particular consideration of legal notification. The need for selectivity in relation to notification of infectious disease is outlined and the Canadian approach(More)
BACKGROUND Q fever was first described over fifty years ago. While in a proportion of cases there is a clear etiologic link to farm animals, their products, and fomites, in the majority of cases no such association is apparent, and the mode of infection is a mystery. METHODS In this paper, we examine the reported incidence of Q fever in Israel since it(More)