Alexandra Velasco

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This paper addresses recent developments on Modular Snake Robots suited for applications on de-mining tasks. Inclusion of robotic platforms on the de-mining process will help tasks like the recognizance and perception of dangerous areas, minimizing human risk. As a mobile robot, the modular snake robot can move in a uneven terrain similar to a mined(More)
Concerning robotics, one topic of interest is locomotion and specifically non-conventional locomotion that can be oriented to design robots that could pass through different surfaces in an autonomous way, with the lower power consumption possible. An approach to it, is a modular snake robot in a closed chain configuration (as a rolling wheel) instead of a(More)
— In this paper, we investigate the role of variable stiffness in the reduction of the energy cost for mechanical systems that perform desired tasks. The objective is to assess the use of Variable Stiffness Actuation (VSA) by determining an optimal stiffness profile and the associated energy cost of performing a desired task. For the analysis we consider(More)
The design of porous scaffolds for tissue engineering requires methods to generate geometries in order to control the stiffness and the permeability of the implant among others characteristics. This article studied the potential of the reaction-diffusion systems to design porous scaffolds for bone regeneration. We simulate the degradation of the scaffold(More)
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