Alexandra To

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We introduce flash teams, a framework for dynamically assembling and managing paid experts from the crowd. Flash teams advance a vision of expert crowd work that accomplishes complex, interdependent goals such as engineering and design. These teams consist of sequences of linked modular tasks and handoffs that can be computationally managed. Interactive(More)
In Arabidopsis thaliana, four major regulators (ABSCISIC ACID INSENSITIVE3 [ABI3], FUSCA3 [FUS3], LEAFY COTYLEDON1 [LEC1], and LEC2) control most aspects of seed maturation, such as accumulation of storage compounds, cotyledon identity, acquisition of desiccation tolerance, and dormancy. The molecular basis for complex genetic interactions among these(More)
The physical constraints of smartwatches limit the range and complexity of tasks that can be completed. Despite interface improvements on smartwatches, the promise of enabling productive work remains largely unrealized. This paper presents <i>WearWrite</i>, a system that enables users to write documents from their smartwatches by leveraging a crowd to help(More)
Smartwatches are becoming increasingly powerful, but limited input makes completing complex tasks impractical. Our WearWrite system introduces a new paradigm for enabling a watch user to contribute to complex tasks, not through new hardware or input methods, but by directing a crowd to work on their behalf from their wearable device. WearWrite lets authors(More)
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