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After proteolytic digestion, aqueous extraction, and derivatization with diethyl pyrocarbonate or ethyl chloroformate, HPLC-inductively coupled plasma (ICP)-MS, GC-atomic emission detection (AED), and GC-MS analysis of high-selenium yeast stored at room temperature for more than 10 years showed selenomethionine as the major Se product along with substantial(More)
Effect of phosphorus deficiency on photosynthetic and respiratory CO2 exchanges were analysed in primary leaves of 2-week-old bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Golden Saxa) plants under non-photorespiratory (2 % O2) and photorespiratory (21 % O2) conditions. Low P decreased maximum net photosynthetic rate (PNmax) and increased the time necessary to reach it.(More)
Polycyclic zwitterionic complexes that incorporate one or two phosphonium unit(s) as cationic center(s) and zirconocene-ate moiety(ies) as the anionic counterpart(s) can be easily prepared by either [1+3] or [1+3] and [2+3] cycloadditions which involve bi- or tricyclic alpha-zirconated phosphanes 3 or 4 and various azides. Some of these species exhibit(More)
The azazirconacyclopentene-substituted phosphines 3 and 4 have been found to activate the C-H bonds of acetylenic systems, such as methylpropiolate, diphenylphosphinoacetylene and phenylacetylene, or of methylene compounds, such as malonitrile and diethylmalonate, to give complexes 5a-c, 6a and 6b. C-H bond activation also takes place with vinylacetate.(More)
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