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Global effects of land use on local terrestrial biodiversity
Human activities, especially conversion and degradation of habitats, are causing global biodiversity declines. How local ecological assemblages are responding is less clear—a concern given theirExpand
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The Ethics of Organ Donor Registration Policies: Nudges and Respect for Autonomy
Governments must determine the legal procedures by which their residents are registered, or can register, as organ donors. Provided that governments recognize that people have a right to determineExpand
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Nondegenerate normal-mode doublets in vibrating flat circular plates
The vibrations of flat circular plates have been studied for hundreds of years and are well understood. However, when vibrating circular plates are discussed in textbooks, the relation between pairsExpand
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Direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 on perinatal outcomes in low- and middle-income countries [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review]
Similar to previous outbreaks, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID19) pandemic will have both direct and indirect effects on perinatal outcomes, especially in lowand middle-income countries. LimitedExpand
Out of Order: To Debbie and Dave, Chris and Bill, MJ and John
In this paper, a professor and a group of doctoral students reflect on the video Out of Order: Dealing with the Death of a Child , treating the video as research on the topic of grief. The video wasExpand
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Infant and young children complementary feeding practices in South Asian families: a systematic review
Abstract Background Sub-optimum nutrition among children remains an important problem among South Asian families in the UK. Appropriate complementary feeding practices in the first 2 years of lifeExpand
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Showing Mercy to the Ungodly and the Inversion of Invective in Jude
The present paper offers a new interpretation of the three-clause reading of Jude 22–23 and demonstrates how Jude carries on the Jesus tradition by inverting the norms of invective. It isExpand
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