Alexandra R Marquis

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Good quality normative data are essential for clinical practice in speech-language pathology but are largely lacking for French-speaking children. We investigated speech production accuracy by French-speaking children attending kindergarten (maternelle) and first grade (première année). The study aimed to provide normative data for a new screening test -(More)
Studies of bilingualism sometimes require healthy subjects to be assessed for proficiency at auditory sentence processing in their second language (L2). The Syntactic Comprehension task of the Bilingual Aphasia Test could satisfy this need. For ease and uniformity of application, we automated its English ( Paradis, M., Libben, G., and Hummel, K. (1987) .(More)
Specific language impairment (SLI) is characterised by persistent difficulties that affect language abilities in otherwise normally developing children (Leonard, 2014). It remains challenging to identify young children affected by SLI in French. We tested oral production of the passé composé tense in 19 children in kindergarten and first grade with SLI aged(More)
Infants show facility for discriminating between individual faces within hours of birth. Over the first year of life, infants' face discrimination shows continued improvement with familiar face types, such as own-race faces, but not with unfamiliar face types, like other-race faces. The goal of this meta-analytic review is to provide an effect size for(More)
Il ne convient pas d'exagérer les inconvénients du pouvoir absorbant des sols à l'égard des phosphates. La présente étude ne résout pas la question de savoir si une fraction des phosphates solubles incorporés dans le sol peut y former des composés complètement et définitivement inertes. Mais elle montre que cette fraction, si elle n'est pas nulle, est assez(More)
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