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Effects of postweaning calorie restriction on accelerated growth and adiponectin in nutritionally programmed microswine offspring.
Poor prenatal development, followed by rapid childhood growth, conveys greater cardiometabolic risk in later life. Microswine offspring exposed to perinatal maternal protein restriction [MPR; "lowExpand
Mucosal Immunity and Liver Metabolism in the Complex Condition of Lactation Insufficiency
Lactation insufficiency is variously defined and includes the inability to produce milk, not producing enough milk to exclusively meet infant growth requirements, and pathological interruption ofExpand
Sensitivity analysis for stochastic and deterministic models of nascent focal adhesion dynamics
Sensitivity analysis (SA) is a critical part of modeling biological systems due to the inherent uncertainty in model output, as introduced by parameter values that have not been experimentally determined. Expand
Abstract LT004: Immune suppression established by postpartum liver involution promotes liver metastasis
A postpartum diagnosis of breast cancer in women ≤45 yoa is an independent predictor of liver metastasis, suggesting a liver metastatic advantage (PMID: 27974414). In rodents, we identified aExpand
Abstract SY38-02: Postpartum tissue remodeling drives breast cancer metastasis
Women diagnosed with breast cancer within 10 years of a completed pregnancy are at ~2-3 fold increased risk for developing metastatic disease (1,2). This increased risk for metastasis is independentExpand
543 Natural killer cells restrict the growth of liver metastases in nude hosts
Background Cancer patients with liver metastases have limited treatment options, especially as only 15–20% are eligible for curative-intent surgical resection.1 Unfortunately, liver metastases alsoExpand