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Basic concepts and terminology for trustworthy software systems are discussed. Our discussion of definitions for terms in the domain of trustworthy software systems is based on former achievements in dependable, trustworthy and survivable systems. We base our discussion on the established literature and on approved standards. These concepts are discussed in(More)
INTRODUCTION Premature infants, especially very low birth weight infants, and fetal growth restriction are a challenge for healthcare professionals alike owing to the consequences of these conditions. OBJECTIVE To provide information for gynecologists, pediatricians and neonatologists to identify correct outcome expectations to help them plan their(More)
A preliminary study on Haitian plant use revealed that Citrus aurantium (Rutaceae), common name “zorange si” was utilized in a wide variety of ways. Citrus aurantium was found to be used medicinally to treat colds, fevers, hepatic disorders, gall bladder problems, rheumatism, epilepsy, emotional shock, bruising internally and externally, skin blemishes and(More)
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