Alexandra Pappa

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The microbiological and physicochemical changes which occurred during the industrial fermentation and ripening of four batches of Greek dry salami manufactured without starter cultures were followed. Moderated dehydration rates, monitored by slowly decreasing relative humidity from 94 to 90% during fermentation, prevented the production of insufficiently(More)
A preliminary investigation on the possibility of using volatile organic compounds (VOCs) determination of expired air, blood and urine, for the early location of entrapped people in earthquakes, has been carried out. A group of 15 healthy subjects has been sampled. The identification of a common "core" of substances might provide indications of human(More)
Controlled field experiments were carried out for monitoring the emissions of three plastic commercial household waste bins, which were adapted for studying the effect of aeration process in the evolved volatiles, during house storing of green food waste for 2 weeks, prior to collection. Three experimental scenarios were examined based on no aeration ("NA,"(More)
In order to evaluate the influence of diabetes mellitus on peritoneal membrane permeability, we studied the peritoneal protein loss in two groups of patients. Group A consisted of 16 patients (9 nondiabetics and 7 diabetics) who were in the first month of treatment on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). Group B consisted of 13 patients (7(More)
We present an X-ray spectral analysis of a sample of 8 bona-fide Seyfert 2 galaxies, selected on the basis of their high [OIII]λ5007 flux, from the Ho et al. (1997) spectroscopic sample of nearby galaxies. We find that, in general, the X-ray spectra of our Seyfert 2 galaxies are complex, with some our objects having spectra different from the ’typical’(More)
In this work a new method called TG-bridge/mass spectrometry is presented, for the on-line monitoring of the pine needles combustion emissions in a common lab furnace. The TG-bridge (thermogravimetry-bridge) system has been developed in-house as a TG-MS (thermogravimetry-mass spectrometry) interface, for TG-MS analysis. In this work, TG-bridge was used for(More)
Fires are becoming more violent and frequent resulting in major economic losses and long-lasting effects on communities and ecosystems; thus, efficient fire monitoring is becoming a necessity. A novel triple multi-sensor approach was developed for monitoring and studying the burning of dry forest fuel in an open field scheduled experiment; chemical,(More)
We present optical spectroscopic observations of the least-luminous known Seyfert 1 galaxy, NGC 4395, which was monitored every half-hour over the course of 3 nights. The continuum emission varied by ∼35 per cent over the course of 3 nights, and we find marginal evidence for greater variability in the blue continuum than the red. A number of diagnostic(More)
The susceptibilities of urinary isolates of Escherichia coli (50 strains), Klebsiella pneumoniae (15 strains) and Proteus mirabilis (15 strains) to gentamicin and ampicillin were determined and compared using the following methods: standard tube dilution, standard microdilution, commercial microdilution and disk diffusion susceptibility tests. Results of(More)
The design, development, and validation of a dynamic vapor generator are presented. The generator simulates human scent (odor) emissions from trapped victims in the voids of collapsed buildings. The validation of the device was carried out using a reference detector: a quadrupole mass spectrometer equipped with a pulsed sampling (PS-MS) system. A series of(More)