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Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are best known for recognizing pathogens and initiating an innate immune response to protect the host. However, they also detect tissue damage and induce sterile inflammation upon the binding of endogenous ligands released by stressed or injured cells. In addition to immune system-related cells, TLRs have been identified in(More)
While the process of hand preshaping during grasping has been studied for over a decade, there is relatively little information regarding the organization of digit contact timing (DCT). This dearth of information may be due to the assumption that DCT while grasping exhibits few regularities or to the difficulty in obtaining information through traditional(More)
OBJECTIVE In acute traumatic brain injury, decompressive craniectomy is a common treatment that involves the removal of bone from the cranium to relieve intracranial pressure. The present study investigated whether neurological function following a severe spinal cord injury improves after utilizing either a durotomy to decompress the intradural space and/or(More)
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