Alexandra Oprişan

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Intracerebral cysts and cystic appearing intracerebral masses are common findings at routine cerebral imaging examination. We discuss here the most interesting aspects of some intracerebral cysts encountered in medical practice in terms of imaging, clinical and pathological description, and problems of differential diagnosis. On an almost routine basis, the(More)
The frequency of Toxoplasma gondii infection in the meat provided by two abattoirs, as well as the pathogenicity of the isolated strains were studied. The parasite carriage was investigated on 299 pools of diaphragmatic muscle (1 pool = 10 animals) from 740 swine, 910 cattle and 1340 sheep: the methods used were bioassays on mice and the precocious(More)
Wernicke’s Encephalopathy (WE) is an underdiagnosed, potentially fatal, acute or subacute neurologic disorder caused by the impairment of thiamine (vitamin B1) -dependent enzymatic activity in susceptible brain cells. The biologically active form of thiamine (TH), thiamine diphosphate (THDP), serves as a cofactor for several apoenzymes involved mainly in(More)