Alexandra Nagy

Barbara Sandor1
Miklos Rabai1
Zsolt Csökli1
1Barbara Sandor
1Miklos Rabai
1Zsolt Csökli
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BACKGROUND AND DESIGN In this study we set out to determine the effects of long-term physical training on hemorheological, laboratory parameters, exercise tolerability, psychological factors in cardiac patients participating in an ambulatory rehabilitation program. METHODS Before physical training, patients were examined by echocardiography, tested on(More)
Starting with the burst of social media, online encyclopedias and sharing resources online, performance testing is more important than ever before. Every venture knows that it should have a fast and a reliable system. Furthermore the business needs to optimize and prepare the system to meet a higher number of users as it grows. A poor performing system can(More)
In this essay we examine some phenomena of community rituals, especially healing ceremonials, which are considered neurobiologically mediated, complex forms of attachment. Recent studies in medical anthropology have pointed out that the ritual therapeutic experience relies on the patients' own healing processes by means of various altered states of(More)
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