Alexandra N Wexler

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BACKGROUND Ethnic, intersubject, interoperator and intermachine differences in measured macular thickness seem to exist. Our purpose was to collect normative macular thickness data in Norwegians and to evaluate the association between macular thickness and age, gender, parity, and contraception status. METHODS Retinal thickness was measured by Stratus(More)
PURPOSE In children older than 18 months, primary probing procedures for congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction (CNLDO) are thought to have lower rates of success. This study compares the results of primary probing to balloon dacryocystoplasty (DCP) in children stratified by age category. METHODS In a retrospective chart review, 29 eyes with CNLDO that(More)
BACKGROUND Macular thickening (MT) without clinically recognized macular edema has been described in anterior uveitis (AU). Although fellow-eyes of patients have been used as controls in several studies, little is known about macular thickness in these eyes. We studied the rate and extent of MT in both AU-affected and quiescent fellow-eyes of phakic AU(More)
The first total synthesis of the potent and selective human blood coagulation factor XIa inhibitor clavatadine A (1) is described. Direct, early-stage guanidinylation enabled rapid, convergent access to an immediate clavatadine A precursor. Concomitant lactone hydrolysis and guanidine deprotection with aqueous acid cleanly provided clavatadine A (1) in only(More)
A national group of neurologists and ophthalmologists have evaluated guidelines and recommendations for diagnosis, treatment and follow up of optic neuritis based on clinical experience and a review of relevant literature. Optic neuritis is a common, well characterised condition that appears as an isolated syndrome or as a manifestation of multiple(More)
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