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Pollen tube growth and reorientation is a prerequisite for fertilization and seed formation. Here we report imaging of cAMP distribution in living pollen tubes microinjected with the protein kinase A-derived fluorosensor. Growing tubes revealed a uniform distribution of cAMP with a resting concentration of approximately 100-150 nM. Modulators of adenylyl(More)
This paper presents a stability and robustness analysis of a nonlinear control system for the autonomous airship of the AURORA project. A Dynamic Inversion controller is implemented with desired dynamics given by a linear optimal compensator. The stability analysis of the nonlinear system is done applying Lyapunov’s stability theory. Robustness tests(More)
Project AURORA aims at the development of unmanned robotic airships capable of autonomous flight over user-defined locations for aerial inspection and environmental monitoring missions. In this article, the authors report a successful control and navigation
The present paper deals with the comparison and fusion of odometry and absolute Global Positioning System (GPS) with complementary linear filtering for the navigation of an outdoor robot. This system was implemented on a home made mobile robot named Rover Autonomous Navigation Tool (RANT). Experimental results are presented, which allow to compare the two(More)
If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it. God doesn't play dice with the universe Albert Einstein – A letter to his friend Max Born (Einstein), stop telling god what to do with his dice Niels Bohr Este trabalho reflecte as ideias dos seus autores que,(More)