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BACKGROUND Identifying organism-environment interactions at the molecular level is crucial to understanding how organisms adapt to and change the chemical and molecular landscape of their habitats. In this work we investigated whether relative amino acid compositions could be used as a molecular signature of an environment and whether such a signature could(More)
INTEGRALL is a freely available, text-based search system developed with the aim of collecting and organizing information on integrons in a single database. The current release (1.2) contains more than 4800 integron sequences and provides a public genetic repository for sequence data and nomenclature, offering scientists an easy and interactive access to(More)
To understand the contribution of animal- and human-derived fecal pollution sources in shaping integron prevalence and diversity in beach waters, 414 Escherichia coli strains were collected from beach waters (BW, n = 166), seagull feces (SF, n = 179), and wastewaters (WW, n = 69), on the World Biosphere Reserve of the Berlenga Island, Portugal. Statistical(More)
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