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This article reports the clinical findings in a work force of 30 individuals who were exposed to silver nitrate and silver oxide. Six individuals had argyria and 20 had argyrosis (deposition of silver in the eye). Measurements of blood silver levels were included as part of the examination. The results of this examination generally support the benign nature(More)
Thirty employees of an industrial plant involved in the manufacture of silver nitrate and silver oxide underwent ophthalmologic evaluation in an effort to evaluate the frequency and extent of ocular argyrosis. The most frequently noted ocular abnormality was pigmentation of the conjunctiva, present in 20 workers; corneal pigmentation occurred in 15 workers.(More)
The detectability of foveally presented low-contrast flickering stimuli was determined for glaucoma patients, ocular hypertensives, and normal control subjects. Two types of stimuli, a homogeneous flickering field, and a counterphase flickering grating of low spatial frequency, were presented on a screen subtending 4 degrees of visual angle. The average of(More)
We conducted a double-masked, six-week crossover study comparing bilateral twice-a-day therapy with timolol maleate (0.1%, 0.25%, and 0.5%) and epinephrine hydrochloride (0.5%, 1.0%, 2.0%) in 36 otherwise untreated patients. Increasing concentrations of each drug were administered until an arbitrary level of control was achieved before each of the six-week(More)
Eighty-seven patients (35 with primary open-angle glaucoma, 20 with angle-closure glaucoma, and 32 controls) underwent HLA typing of peripheral lymphocytes. Sixteen specificities were detected at the A locus, 19 at the B locus, and four at the C locus. No significant differences were found between patients with either type of glaucoma and control patients.
INTRODUCTION With more than 500,000 operations per year, cataract surgery is the most performed act nowadays in France. Several techniques can be used but the phacoemulsification after micro-incision is the most common and the purpose is to put an intraocular lens into the eye. AIM To approach the direct cost of the cataract surgery and to compare it to(More)
Currently, little is known about the length of time required to rehabilitate patients from stress fractures and their return to preinjury level of physical activity. Previous studies have looked at the return to sport in athletes, in a general population, where rehabilitation is not as controlled as within a captive military population. In this study, a(More)
With more than 500,000 operations per year, cataract surgery is currently the most frequently performed surgical operation in France. Several procedural techniques are described, but phacoemulsification after micro-incision is the most common. The cost and reimbursement by the French social security depend on whether the procedure is conducted on an(More)
By using a continuous wave argon laser in a multiburn fashion, successful iridectomies were achieved in 42 out of 45 phakic eyes with either acute or chronic angle-closure glaucoma. Five of the successful procedures required multiple sittings on different days or abandonment of the primary treatment site in favor of an alternate site, or both, to attain(More)