Alexandra Meir

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Acknowledgements From its inception this report has benefited from a great deal of support and advice. We are grateful to many reviewers who provided invaluable advice and comments on successive drafts of the paper: We are also immensely grateful to staff at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs who helped to define and direct the project, provided(More)
This paper proposes an adaptation of demographic transition theory to the nomadism-sedentarism continuum. It is argued that a change along this continuum implies a change in the mode of production, which in turn entails changes in fertility and mortality. The following hypotheses are set forth: 1) at the pastoral phase of a nomadic society, fertility is(More)
Guiding principles of the Community Mental Health Center are comprehensiveness and continuity of care. The Community Mental Health Center in Jaffa, Israel, undertook a project in community intervention which, in effect, applied these principles on a community-wide basis. By helping to establish and sustain an inter-agency coordinating body, the CMHC(More)
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