Alexandra Mackenzie

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TREK-2 (KCNK10/K2P10), a two-pore domain potassium (K2P) channel, is gated by multiple stimuli such as stretch, fatty acids, and pH and by several drugs. However, the mechanisms that control channel gating are unclear. Here we present crystal structures of the human TREK-2 channel (up to 3.4 angstrom resolution) in two conformations and in complex with(More)
Steroids are used to illustrate some of the significant advances that have been made in recent years in understanding the biological origin and geological fate of the organic compounds in sediments. The precursor sterols are transformed, initially by microbial activity and later by physicochemical constraints, into thermodynamically more stable saturated(More)
341 CLARK, A. W. The fine structure of the eye of the leech, Ilelobdella stagnalis 349 EAKIN, R. M., WESTFALL, JANE A. and DENNIS, M. J. Fine structure of the eye of a nudibranch mollusc, Hermissenda crassicornis 359 CHAPMAN, J. A., ELVES, M. W. and GOUGII, J. An electron-microscope study of the in vitro transformation of human leucocytes I. Transformation(More)
PEGylated and non-PEGylated ORMOSIL nanoparticles prepared by microemulsion condensation of vinyltriethoxy-silane (VTES) were investigated in detail for their micro-structure and ability to deliver photoactive agents. With respect to pure silica nanoparticles, organic modification substantially changes the microstructure and the surface properties. This in(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Information is lacking about incompatibilities between certain types of adhesive systems and dual-polymerizing composite resins, and universal adhesives have yet to be tested with these resins. PURPOSE The purpose of this in vitro study was to investigate the bonding outcome of dual-polymerizing foundation composite resins by using(More)