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We recently discovered the novel non-chromosomal determinant in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [NSI +] (nonsense suppression inducer), which causes omnipotent nonsense suppression in strains where the Sup35 N-terminal domain is deleted. [NSI +] possesses yeast prion features and does not correspond to previously identified yeast prion determinants. Here, we show(More)
Previously we characterized [NSI +], determinant, that possesses the features of a yeast prion. This determinant causes the nonsense suppression in strains that bear different N-substituted variants of Sup35p, which is a translation release factor eRF3. As a result of the genomic screen, we identified VTS1, the overexpression of which is a phenotypic copy(More)
We previously conducted a search for genes whose overexpression causes nonsense suppression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae with a background of modified expression of Sup35 variants. In this study, we analyzed the influence of genes encoding asparagine-glutamine-rich transcriptional factors on this process. We demonstrated that the overexpression of ABF1,(More)
Previously, we described and characterized the yeast nonchromosomal determinant [NSI +], which possesses prion properties. This determinant causes a decrease in fidelity of translation termination, which is phenotypically detectable as the nonsense suppression in the strains with decreased functional activity of eRF3 release factor. As a result of the(More)
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