Alexandra M Goldyn

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Mechanical forces play a crucial role in controlling the integrity and functionality of cells and tissues. External forces are sensed by cells and translated into signals that induce various responses. To increase the detailed understanding of these processes, we investigated cell migration and dynamic cellular reorganisation of focal adhesions and(More)
The cytoskeleton is an important factor in the functional and structural adaption of cells to mechanical forces. In this study we investigated the impact of microtubules and the acto-myosin machinery on the kinetics of force-induced reorientation of NIH3T3 fibroblasts. These cells were subjected to uniaxial stretching forces that are known to induce(More)
Mechanical forces and geometric constraints play critical roles in determining cell functionality and tissue development. Novel experimental methods are essential to explore the underlying biological mechanisms of cell response. We present a versatile method to culture cells on adhesive micro-patterned substrates while applying long-term cyclic tensile(More)
Unmodified and GRGDS peptide-modified six arm PEG star based hydrogels (Star PEG) have been applied as a multifunctional, easy to handle coating system for textile polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) structures, which prevent unspecific protein and cell adsorption and control-specific cell adhesion. The reactive isocyanate-terminated Star PEG has been(More)
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