Alexandra Lopez Soriano

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE 7T MR imaging has led to improved detection and classification of cortical MS lesions, mainly based on T2*-weighted gradient-echo sequences. Depiction of cortical GM by using the recommended MS imaging protocol has not yet been investigated at 7T. We aimed to investigate prospectively which recommended sequence for clinical use has(More)
In multiple sclerosis (MS), a histopathological distinction is made between different stages of white matter (WM) lesions. These lesions are characterized as preactive, active, chronic active or chronic inactive, depending on the degree of microglia activation and degree of demyelination. The different lesions are not distinguishable on conventional(More)
INTRODUCTION Interictal epileptiform activity (IEA) is a common finding in temporal epileptic patients. The nature of the IEA is not entirely understood; it may be microseizures or just a negative phenomenon expressing brain inhibition mechanisms. In order to understand how brain metabolism is during interictal activity we studied a group of patients with(More)
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