Alexandra Korotchenko

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In this article, we examine the existing sociocultural research and theory concerned with the aging body. In particular, we review the body image and embodiment literatures and discuss what is known about how older adults perceive and experience their aging bodies. We analyse how body image is shaped by age, culture, ethnicity, gender, health status, sexual(More)
Collision avoidance technology has the capacity to facilitate safer mobility among older power mobility users with physical, sensory, and cognitive impairments, thus enabling independence for more users. Little is known about consumers' perceptions of collision avoidance. This article draws on interviews (29 users, 5 caregivers, and 10 prescribers) to(More)
This paper examines older women's experiences and perceptions of sunbathing, sun avoidance, and suntanned appearances. Using data from in-depth interviews with 36 women aged 71 to 94, we elucidate the motivations behind the women's sunbathing practices. Specifically, we explore how the women responded to the health and appearance risks associated with(More)
The literature on patient-physician interactions has largely ignored the perspectives of older adults with multiple morbidities. Featuring in-depth interview data from 16 men and 19 women with an average of six chronic conditions, this study focused on how participants perceived and experienced the care provided by their primary care physicians.(More)
Drawing on data from in-depth interviews with 35 men and women aged 73-91, this article examines the ways in which older adults with multiple chronic conditions talk about and prepare for death and dying. While the focus of the original study did not include questions concerning the end-of-life, the majority of our participants made unprompted remarks(More)
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