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[Are "designer" insulins the "best" insulins?].
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Body and Liver Fat Mass Rather Than MuscleMitochondrial Function Determine GlucoseMetabolism in WomenWith a History of Gestational Diabetes
OBJECTIVE—Ectopic lipid storage in muscle (intramyocellular lipids [IMCL]) and liver (hepatocellular lipids [HCL]) coexists with impaired myocellular flux through ATP synthase (fATPase) in certainExpand
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[Sex- and gender-aspects in regard to clinical practice recommendations for pre-diabetes and diabetes].
Metabolic diseases dramatically affect life of men and women from infancy up to old age and are a major challenge for clinicians. Health professionals are confronted with different needs of women andExpand
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[Nutrition for diabetic patients (Update 2019)].
Evidence demonstrates that medical diabetes treatment has to be accompanied by lifestyle modifications. Structured nutrition interventions and increased physical activity will help patients toExpand
[Insulin pump therapy in children, adolescents and adults, guidelines (Update 2019)].
This position statement is based on current evidence available on the safety and benefits of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy (CSII, pump therapy) in diabetes with an emphasis on theExpand
Adrenal disorders.
[Mental disorders and diabetes mellitus (Update 2019)].
Psychiatric disorders and psychological problems are common in patients with diabetes mellitus. There is a twofold increase in depression which is associated with suboptimal glycemic control andExpand
[Sex and gender differences in diabetes management].
[Insulin therapy of diabetes].
Hyperglycemia contributes to morbidity and mortality in patients with diabetes. Thus, reaching treatment targets with regard to control of glycemia is a central goal in the therapy of diabeticExpand