Alexandra Ioana Florea

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A Performance Dashboard enables executives to measure, monitor and manage organization performance more effectively. This paper describes how dashboards support decision making in higher education, where and how they are used. We made an SWOT analysis for implementing a performance management system in Romanian universities. The paper also presents an(More)
Analytics is the future of big data because only transforming data into information gives them value and can turn data in business in competitive advantage. Large data volumes, their variety and the increasing speed their growth, stretch the boundaries of traditional data warehouses and ETL tools. This paper investigates the benefits of Big Data technology(More)
The paper focuses on BI techniques and especially data mining algorithms that can support and improve the decision making process, with applications within the financial sector. We consider the data mining techniques to be more efficient and thus we applied several techniques, supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms The case study in which these(More)
Measuring and assuring data quality in analytical projects are considered very important issues and overseeing their benefits may cause serious consequences for the efficiency of organizations. Data profiling and data cleaning are two essential activities in a data quality process, along with data integration, enrichment and monitoring. Data warehouses(More)
Executive Information Systems are designed to improve the quality of strategic level of management in organization through a new type of technology and several techniques for extracting, transforming, processing, integrating and presenting data. In order to build analytic reports for Executive Information Systems (EIS) in an organization we need to build a(More)
towards providing simpler, more dynamic and cheaper integration solutions. But SOA cannot and it is not meant to solve all the heterogeneity problems inherent to enterprise integration tasks. Semantics is coming to offer the tools to enable scalable, efficient and cost effective solutions to some of these problems. Using ontologies and semantics, services(More)
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