Alexandra Hoos

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BACKGROUND No studies measure preference-based utilities in advanced melanoma that capture both intended clinical response and unintended toxicities associated with treatment. METHODS Using standard gamble, utilities were elicited from 140 respondents in the United Kingdom and Australia for 13 health states. RESULTS Preferences decreased with reduced(More)
The reported rates for tumour cell involvement in the locoregional lymph nodes of colorectal cancer vary greatly, depending on the method used and case selection. In order to further evaluate the clinical value of molecular biologic detection of tumour cells we investigated 102 histologically tumour-free (pN0) regional lymph nodes from 51 consecutive,(More)
Metastasis is a multistep process characterized by the ability of tumor cells to "communicate" and to interact with their microenvironment to establish tumors in distant organs. A significant proportion of the metastatic microenvironment consists of leukocytes, mostly of the innate immune system, contributing to tumor invasion and outgrowth.
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