Alexandra Hernandez

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To examine the effect of photoperiodic condition on song-control nuclei we examined three groups of male and female black-capped chickadees (Poecile atricapilla). Photorefractory birds were held on long days for several months and had fully regressed gonads. Photosensitive birds were held on short days for several months and had small gonads.(More)
We examined the effects of song tutoring on adult song preferences, volume of song-control brain regions, and activity of auditory brain regions in female house finches (Carpodacus mexicanus). Hand-reared females were tutored with local songs, foreign songs, or no song. We then examined adult song preferences, determined the Nissl-defined volume of the(More)
Many animals seasonally change energy stores such as food caches and fat deposits. Two factors that potentially influence energy stores are changes in day-length and food availability. We investigated food storing and fat levels in black-capped chickadees to determine how they are affected by changes in duration of light period and duration of food(More)
Male songbirds learn to produce their songs, and females attend to these songs during mate choice. The evidence that female song preferences are learned early in life, however, is mixed. Here we review studies that have found effects of early song learning on adult song preferences, and those that have not. In at least some species, early experience with(More)
Male songbirds learn to produce song within a limited phase early in life; however they continue to learn to recognize songs in adulthood. Studies looking at Zenk activation after exposure to songs learned early in life for song production and songs learned in adulthood show opposite patterns of activation, suggesting distinct neural mechanisms may be(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment for mental illness has shifted from focusing purely on treatment of symptoms to focusing on personal recovery. Patient activation is an important component of the recovery journey. Patient portals have shown promise to increase activation in primary and acute care settings, but the benefits to tertiary level mental health care remain(More)
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