Alexandra Höltzel

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Mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons have been found to be involved in affective processes. Their implication in cognitive processes appears less well understood. The use of latent inhibition paradigms is a means of studying these kinds of processes. In this study, we investigated the involvement of dopaminergic projections in the core, the dorsomedial shell(More)
The use of latent inhibition paradigms is one means of investigating the involvement of mesencephalic dopaminergic (DA) neurons in cognitive processes. We have shown recently that DA neurons reaching the core and the dorsomedial shell parts of the nucleus accumbens and the anterior part of the striatum are differentially involved in latent inhibition. In(More)
The involvement of mesostriatal dopaminergic neurons in cognitive operations is not well understood, and needs to be further clarified. The use of latent inhibition paradigms is a means of investigating cognitive processes. In this study, we investigated the involvement in latent inhibition of dopaminergic inputs in the anterior part and posterior part of(More)
We showed recently that behavioural and striatal dopaminergic (DA) responses obtained in latent inhibition are crucially dependent on the parahippocampal region, the entorhinal cortex. In the present study, we investigated the influence exerted by the hippocampal ventral subicular region (SUB) on the DA responses in the anterior part of the dorsal striatum(More)
This work investigates the effect, on the rat pancreas, of a chronic administration of bombesin in function of the dose and duration of treatment and examines whether this effect may be mediated by the release of endogenous gastrin or cholecystokinin. Bombesin, administered three times daily for 5 or 15 days, induced a marked increase in pancreatic weight,(More)
We study the time and length scales of hydrodynamic dispersion in confined monodisperse sphere packings as a function of the conduit geometry. By a modified Jodrey-Tory algorithm, we generated packings at a bed porosity (interstitial void fraction) of ε=0.40 in conduits with circular, rectangular, or semicircular cross section of area 100πd(p)(2) (where(More)
The mass transport properties of bulk random sphere packings depend primarily on the bed (external) porosity ε, but also on the packing microstructure. We investigate the influence of the packing microstructure on the diffusive tortuosity τ=D(m)/D(eff), which relates the bulk diffusion coefficient (D(m)) to the effective (asymptotic) diffusion coefficient(More)
This work investigates the pancreatico-trophic action of bombesin, a peptide stimulating pancreatic secretion in vivo and in vitro and examines whether this effect is altered by CCK or secretin. Rats were injected three times daily for 5 days either with saline, bombesin (1 or 10 micrograms/kg), CCK (20 I.D.U./kg), secretin (20 C.U./kg) or a combination of(More)
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