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Metaphase spindles assemble to a steady state in length by mechanisms that involve microtubule dynamics and motor proteins, but they are incompletely understood. We found that Xenopus extract spindles recapitulate the length of egg meiosis II spindles, by using mechanisms intrinsic to the spindle. To probe these mechanisms, we perturbed microtubule(More)
We investigated the mechanism by which meiotic spindles become bipolar and the correlation between bipolarity and poleward flux, using Xenopus egg extracts. By speckle microscopy and computational alignment, we find that monopolar sperm asters do not show evidence for flux, partially contradicting previous work. We account for the discrepancy by describing(More)
I. Abstract Previous studies and empirical evidence suggest norovirus outbreaks in California exhibit correlation with environmental variables and exhibit spatial spread patterns. Few studies have been done looking at what causes norovirus seasonality in temperate climates and more research is needed on the regional level. This study aims to find what(More)
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