Alexandra G. Gheorghe

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Concealment of pregnancy and newborn infant abandonment are closely associated with neonaticide, the killing of an infant within the first 24 h of life or less than 28-30 days depending on the jurisdiction. Abandonment of newborn infants occurs throughout the world and often the outcome for the infant is death. Together with neonaticide it is felt to be one(More)
BACKGROUND Through several observational and mechanistic studies, microbial infection is known to promote cardiovascular disease. Direct infection of the vessel wall, along with the cardiovascular risk factors, is hypothesized to play a key role in the atherogenesis by promoting an inflammatory response leading to endothelial dysfunction and generating a(More)
Carbon monoxide (CO) inhalation is a well-known method of committing suicide. There has been a drastic increase in suicide by inhalation of CO, produced from burning charcoal, in some parts of Asia, and a few studies have reported an increased number of these deaths in Europe. CO-related deaths caused by charcoal burning have, to our knowledge, not been(More)
Intracranial aneurysms are rare in the paediatric population. They are distinct from classical adult aneurysms in having several special features. There is an overall male predominance and the dissecting aneurysms are the most frequent, followed by the saccular, the infectious and the post traumatic aneurysms. We present a case story of a 14-year-old Danish(More)
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