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Glyoxylate and Pyruvate Are Antagonistic Effectors of the Escherichia coli IclR Transcriptional Regulator*
The Escherichia coli isocitrate lyase regulator (IclR) regulates the expression of the glyoxylate bypass operon (aceBAK). Founding member of a large family of common fold transcriptional regulators,Expand
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Towards fully automated structure-based function prediction in structural genomics: a case study.
As the global Structural Genomics projects have picked up pace, the number of structures annotated in the Protein Data Bank as hypothetical protein or unknown function has grown significantly. AExpand
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Structural and biochemical study of effector molecule recognition by the E.coli glyoxylate and allantoin utilization regulatory protein AllR.
The interaction of Escherichia coli AllR regulator with operator DNA is disrupted by the effector molecule glyoxylate. This is a general, yet uncharacterized regulatory mechanism for the large IclRExpand
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Expression levels of the nerve growth factor receptors TrkA and p75 in effusions and solid tumors of serous ovarian carcinoma patients.
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to analyze the expression of the high- and low-affinity nerve growth factor (NGF) receptors TrkA and p75 in effusions and in primary and metastatic tumors ofExpand
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Structural and Functional Characterization of IclR Transcription Regulators
This work is a part of a large project in our laboratory that is aimed toward characterization of prokaryotic transcription regulators from different families and their interactions withExpand