Alexandra Emilia Fortis

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A Al le ex xa an nd dr ru u C Ci ic co or rt ta aş ş 1 1 , , V Vi ic ct to or ri ia a S St ta an na a I Io or rd da an n 1 1 , , A Al le ex xa an nd dr ra a E Em mi il li ia a F Fo or rt ti iş ş 2 2 ABSTRACT. The paper proposes an analysis on some existent ontologies, in order to point out ways to resolve semantic heterogeneity in information systems.(More)
The paper presents a description of some point of view of different authors related to the failures and exceptions that appear in workflows, as a direct consequence of unavailability of resources involved in the workflow. Each of these interpretations is typical for a certain situation, depending on the authors' interpretation of failures and exceptions in(More)
If, during a longitudinal flight with constant forward velocity of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the automatic flight control system (AFCS) fails and the elevator deflection is not in the safe interval, then the flight becomes oscillatory. In this paper, the dependence of the safe interval, the period of oscillations and the ranges of variations of the(More)
This paper is a case study which presents numericalinvestigations based on the theoretical background developed in [1]. The purpose is to numerically investigate the existence and the stability of equilibriums, as well as the existence of possible bifurcation at an equilibrium point for a set of given aero-dynamic data. The computations are performed in the(More)
Flying quality analysis performed in a mathematical model of the flight, leads to results that can be tested against the experiments. Even for a simplified mathematical model, usually obtained by neglecting some influences and quantities which are assumed insignificant with respect to the others, the computational effort is quite large. The multi-agent(More)
eBusiness technologies has been suffered continuous transformation in the last years, adapting itself to the new technologies, even if old, obsolete technologies are still in use. The explosion of the web services and XML-based technologies has revealed new technologies in the field of eBusiness, on the background of updated workflow technologies. VISP(More)