Alexandra Emilia Fortis

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The paper presents a description of some point of view of different authors related to the failures and exceptions that appear in workflows, as a direct consequence of unavailability of resources involved in the workflow. Each of these interpretations is typical for a certain situation, depending on the authors' interpretation of failures and exceptions in(More)
A Al le ex xa an nd dr ru u C Ci ic co or rt ta aş ş 1 1 , , V Vi ic ct to or ri ia a S St ta an na a I Io or rd da an n 1 1 , , A Al le ex xa an nd dr ra a E Em mi il li ia a F Fo or rt ti iş ş 2 2 ABSTRACT. The paper proposes an analysis on some existent ontologies, in order to point out ways to resolve semantic heterogeneity in information systems.(More)