Alexandra Desmoulin

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The objective of this study is to provide methods for deriving automatically interoperability tests based on formal definitions. First, we give interoperability formal definitions taking into account both objectives of interoperability: the implementations must interact correctly and the expected service must be provided. Based on these definitions, a(More)
This study deals with interoperability testing of protocol implementations. The objective is to define a method for automatic test derivation based on formal definitions. First, the notion of interoperability criteria is introduced. They formally describes the conditions that two implementations must verify in order to be considered interoperable. Then,(More)
TTCN-3 is an abstract language for specification of Abstract Test Suites. Coding of TTCN-3 values into physically transmittable messages and decoding of bitstrings into their TTCN-3 representation has been removed from the language itself and relayed to external and specialized components, called CoDec. CoDec development is a must for IPv6 protocol testing(More)
Energy-efficiency is a critical issue in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) due to the limited<lb>capacity of the sensor nodes’ batteries. Once a WSN is in place, its lifetime must last as long as<lb>possible based on the initially provided amount of energy. Consequently, techniques minimizing<lb>the energy consumption are required to improve the network(More)
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