Alexandra Dabrowski

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Adsorption of phenol and its derivatives on activated carbons is considered based on numerous papers related to this issue. Special attention is paid to the effects of carbon surface functionalities, pH of solution and heterogeneity effects that accompany adsorption of phenolic compounds. Moreover, in this paper the most important aspects are overviewed(More)
By ion exchange undesirable ions are replaced by others which don't contribute to contamination of the environment. The method is technologically simple and enables efficient removal of even traces of impurities from solutions. Examples of selective removal of heavy metal ions by ion-exchange are presented. They include removal of Pb(II), Hg(II), Cd(II),(More)
  • A Dabrowski
  • 2001
Adsorption at various interfaces has concerned scientists since the beginning of this century. This phenomenon underlies a number of extremely important processes of utilitarian significance. The technological, environmental and biological importance of adsorption can never be in doubt. Its practical applications in industry and environmental protection are(More)
The long-standing distinction between channels and transporters is becoming blurred, with one pump protein even able to convert reversibly to a channel in response to osmotic shock. In this light, it is plausible that stretch channels, membrane proteins whose physiological roles have been elusive, may be transporters exhibiting channel-like properties in(More)
The photochemical behaviour of functionalised gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) carrying azobenzenethiolate-alkylthiolate monolayers was investigated. Repeated trans-cis and cis-trans isomerisation cycles could be performed in all cases with high efficiency. Reversible photoinduced aggregation was observed when azothiolates with long alkyl spacers (≥C7) were(More)
The rapidly declining Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) is of conservation concern owing in part to hybridization with the closely related Blue-winged Warbler (V. pinus). These species hybridize extensively in eastern North America and over the past century the Blue-winged Warbler has displaced the Golden-winged Warbler from substantial regions(More)
Carbon containing nano-sized molybdenum sulfide composites (MoS(x)C(y)) obtained by thermal decomposition reactions of (R(4)N)(2)MoS(4) (R = -H (C(0)), -CH(3) (C(1)), -C(3)H(7) (C(3)), and -C(6)H(13) (C(6))) show promising performance in visible-light driven photocatalytic hydrogen generation.
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