Alexandra Claisse

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In this paper, we focus on the problem of adapting dynamic triangulations during numerical simulations to reduce the approximation errors. Dynamically evolving interfaces arise in many applications, such as free surfaces in multiphase flows and moving surfaces in fluid-structure interactions. In such simulations, it is often required to preserve a high(More)
In this paper, we propose a curve construction method for a non uniform point data set based on a minimal curve approximation model. Numerically, the level set method is used for curve reconstruction. We represent the shape of the curve through its distance function and formulate curve reconstruction as a constrained minimization problem. We solve the(More)
Résumé Dans cette Note, on s’intéresse au problème de la construction d’une courbe régulière Γ telle que ∀x ∈ Γ , d(x,V ) ε, où d(x,V ) = minx̄∈V ‖x − x̄‖ pour un ensemble de points donné V supposé appartenir à la frontière d’un ouvert de R2, et pour ε, petit fixé. Pour approcher cette courbe, on résout un problème de minimisation basé sur une formulation(More)
In this paper, we propose a nonlinear PDE model for reconstructing a regular surface from sampled data. At first, we show the existence and the uniqueness of a viscosity solution to this problem. Then we propose a numerical scheme for solving the nonlinear level set equation on unstructured triangulations adapted to the data sample. We show the consistency(More)
In this paper, we propose two numerical schemes for solving a nonlinear level set equation on unstructured triangulations. The consistency and the stability of these schemes are shown. In addition, we show how to compute nodewise fisrt and second order derivatives. An application example of curve construction using these approximations is provided to(More)
A statistical study has been conducted in order to study the efficiency of an "R.C.M. apex locator" in endodontometry. The study is based on 97 electronic measurements in vivo, all samples being controlled in vitro by X-Ray examination after extraction of the teeth, the instrument remaining in the canal. Results showed that the "R.C.M. apex locator" allows(More)
Dental infections are able to produce ocular diseases by direct metastatic reflex or allergic pathways. Generally, these diseases quickly heal after a symptomatic local treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications associated to an etiologic therapy in order to eliminate the dental infection and the allergic hypersensitivity. The dental(More)
Constructive or destructive processes of pulp tissue depend on many factors: anatomic topography, particular physiology, or intensity and duration of infectious, mechanical and chemical aggression. Also irritation of the pulpo-dentinal complex induce histologic and physiologic changes. The positive diagnosis of hyperemia, acute or chronic pulpitis, pulpal(More)