Alexandra Chaumonnot

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The major advances in the field of the designed construction of hierarchically structured porous inorganic or hybrid materials wherein multiscale texturation is obtained via the combination of aerosol or spray processing with sol-gel chemistry, self-assembly and multiple templating are the topic of this review. The available materials span a very large set(More)
We now report that a dynamic combinatorial selection approach can quantitatively provide, from trivial building blocks, an architecturally complex organic material, in which carbon dioxide is reversibly but covalently incorporated as a guest with a mass content of 20%. Solid-state analyses combined with covalent disconnection and quantization of the(More)
An old dream comes true: A direct and environmentally benign synthetic strategy was developed for the aerosol-based mass production of large-pore mesostructured aluminosilicate powders (see TEM image). Although amorphous, some powders exhibit higher activity towards m-xylene isomerization and lower coke formation than a Y-zeolite based industrial reference(More)
Despite the widespread use of amorphous aluminosilicates (ASA) in various industrial catalysts, the nature of the interface between silica and alumina and the atomic structure of the catalytically active sites are still subject to debate. Here, by the use of dynamic nuclear polarization surface enhanced NMR spectroscopy (DNP SENS) and density functional(More)
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